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Scarborough is comprised of several neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and amenities. Some popular neighborhoods in Scarborough include Agincourt, Scarborough Village, Wexford, Cliffside, and Guildwood. These neighborhoods offer a mix of housing styles, access to parks, schools, shopping centers, and transportation links.. The district has numerous parks, recreational facilities, community centers, and outdoor spaces, making it attractive for outdoor activities. Scarborough also features shopping centers, restaurants, cultural centers, and entertainment venues. It is home to diverse cultural communities and offers a rich multicultural experience.

List of Preconstruction condos for sale in Scarborough (2023)

Developer-Diamond Kilmer
Occupancy – 2026
411 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough
Developer – Stafford
Occupancy – 2025
743 Warden Ave, Scarborough
Developer – Skale & Diamante
Occupancy – 2027
2800 Kingston Rd, Scarborough
Developer – Altree
Occupancy – 2025
1625 Military Trail, Scarborough

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