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List of Preconstruction condos for sale in Kleinburg (2024)

Developer – Mosaik Homes
Occupancy – TBD
Vivot Boulevard & Endless Circle, Vaughan, ON

Kleinberg, a charming village located in the city of Vaughan, has been attracting homebuyers with its unique blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. If you’re considering buying Condos in Kleinberg, pre-construction homes are an option that’s worth exploring. 

With a lower cost than resale homes, flexibility for customization, and the potential for a higher return on investment, pre-construction condos in Kleinberg have become popular among home buyers. 

This can provide homeowners with a valuable investment opportunity.

  • Lower purchase price compared to fully built homes
  • Customization options to suit personal preferences and lifestyle
  • Potential for property value appreciation
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing and developing community
  • Access to modern amenities and infrastructure in a newly constructed home
  • Potential for reduced maintenance and repair costs in the early years of homeownership
  • Possibility of securing a mortgage at a lower interest rate during the construction phase
  • Chance to enjoy brand-new construction with updated building codes and energy-efficient features

Pre-construction condos in Kleinberg are properties that are offered for sale before they are built. Buyers who purchase a pre-construction home have the opportunity to customize the layout, finishes, and features of their new home. This can range from selecting the type of flooring to the location of the electrical outlets. 

Rental Property Types in Toronto, Ontario

Condos/condominiums: 89.1%

Rental buildings: 10.9%

Pre-construction homes are often sold at a lower price than existing homes because buyers are essentially investing in a future property.

Kleinberg is a panoramic village located in the City of Vaughan. It is known for its historic charm, upscale boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. The village is surrounded by nature, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy hiking trails, parks, and conservation areas. 

Kleinberg is also conveniently located near major highways, providing easy access to downtown Toronto and other cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Due to its growing popularity, there are several pre-construction homes built in Kleinberg, offering buyers a huge range of options.

Here are some of the leading neighborhoods in Kleinberg presented below:



Kleinburg Heritage

Known for its historic charm and quaint village atmosphere


Offers a mix of upscale homes and beautiful natural surroundings

Kleinburg Summit

Newer development with modern homes and family-friendly amenities

Kleinburg Crown Estates                   

Features luxurious estate homes in an exclusive setting

Kleinburg Hills

Offers a range of housing options, including townhouses and detached homes

Kleinburg Village

The heart of Kleinburg, known for its boutique shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions

The Enclave

A gated community with upscale homes and a private atmosphere

Kleinburg Estates

A prestigious neighborhood with large estate homes and upscale living


Kleinberg has been a sought-after area in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) due to its scenic surroundings, convenient location, and luxurious properties. The first time Condos buyers in Kleinberg have shown resilience and continued growth over the years. Some key points to consider regarding the housing market in Kleinberg include

Property Values: Kleinberg has experienced an upward trend in property values, with a focus on new homes for buying Kleinberg and upscale developments. The area’s desirability, luxuries, and proximity to major cities have contributed to the appreciation of property values.

Luxury Market: Kleinberg is known for its luxury real estate market, featuring custom-built homes, large estates, and upscale communities. These properties often offer extensive land, high-end finishes, and luxurious excesses.

New Developments: It has seen ongoing development projects, introducing new Condos for sale in Kleinberg to satisfy the growing demand. These developments offer various lifestyles and budgets, offering a mix of detached homes, townhouses, and condominiums.

Demand and Competition: The demand for pre-construction housing in Kleinberg has remained strong, attracting buyers looking for a combination of luxury living and a serene community atmosphere. As a result, the market can be competitive, particularly for desirable properties.

Market Stability: Kleinberg’s real estate market has historically demonstrated stability, even during economic fluctuations. The area’s desirability, limited inventory of high-end properties, and long-term growth potential have contributed to its market stability.

Mortgage terms:  If you want to buy a house in Toronto, you have to pay some money upfront. It’s called a down payment and it’s at least 20% of the price of the house. The rest of the money you can borrow from a bank, but the interest rate can be different depending on a bunch of things like how much you put down, what kind of loan you get, and if you have insurance.

Buying a home is a major decision, and the process can be challenging for many people. purchasing Condos in Kleinberg is a famous option for homebuyers who want to have a say in the design and layout of their new home while saving on costs.

Lower Cost of Pre-construction Condos

One of the primary benefits of buying a pre-construction condo in Kleinberg is the lower cost compared to an existing home. Homebuyers can save anywhere from 5 to 15% of the total cost of the home by purchasing a pre-construction property in Kleinberg. This is because buyers are taking on some of the risks of the property being built, and the builders offer incentives to early buyers.

Customization Options Available

Another significant benefit of pre-construction homes Kleinberg is the customization options available to homebuyers. Buyers can work with the builder to select finishes, layouts, and features that match their preferences and lifestyle. This allows buyers to create a home that is uniquely tailored to their requirements.

Higher Potential Return on Investment

Buying condo in Kleinberg can offer buyers a higher potential return on investment. As the area continues to grow and develop, property values are expected to increase. Buying a pre-construction home now might mean that the property value will appreciate significantly in the future, offering a higher return on investment than buying an existing home.

Did you know that when you own a home or property, you have to pay something called property tax? This tax is based on how much your property is worth, but it’s not the same as the amount of money you could sell it for. 

In Toronto, the property tax rate is pretty low compared to other places, at 0.599704%. To figure out how much you owe in property tax, you just have to multiply the tax rate by the assessed value of your property.

Another type of tax you might have to pay is called income tax. This tax is based on how much money you make each year. The more money you make, the higher your income tax rate will be. 

  • For example, if you make less than $44,470, your income tax rate is 5.05%. 
  • But if you make more than that, your rate goes up to 9.15% for the money you make between $44,470 and $89,482. 
  • If you make even more than that, your rate goes up again to 11.16% for the money you make between $89,482 and $150,000. 
  • And if you make over $150,000, your rate is 12.16% for the money you make between $150,000 and $220,000.

Land Transfer Tax(LTT)

It’s like a tax that you pay when you close the deal. The amount of tax you pay depends on how much your house or land is worth. Basically, the more it’s worth, the more tax you have to pay. And to get this, you must pay two different kinds of LTT – one to the province and one to the city. So, just keep that in mind when you’re buying a house in Toronto.

If you are searching for pre-construction condos in Kleinburg, there are more options, like condo assignments. For more details about assignment projects, visit the Condos assignment sale in Kleinburg page, or you can contact us for a free consultation.

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